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Bachata Sensual Seattle Team by Korke y Judith

Looking to grow your passion for Bachata Sensual? Come learn from the Pro’s, master the principles of technique, connection, musicality, and build confidence while performing!

Charles and Marie are excited to announce a partnership with Bachata Sensual’s original creator’s Korke and Judith. Charles and Marie are now representing Sensual Teams in Seattle, USA.

Come and share the art of Bachata Sensual on the dance floor and release your inner passion!

In this program

1.   Learn the Bachata Sensual Team Methodology taught by Korke & Judith

2.   Represent the masters and creator of Bachata Sensual

3.   Fitness tips from Be Fit & Sensual, work out program for dancers

4.   Have the opportunity to perform local & distant locations such as Spain

5.   Learn & grow in a community of Bachata Sensual dancers

Korke & Judith

Many famous dancers can say they are really great dancers but Korke and Judith, are really great dancers as well as great teachers. They have train hundreds of dancers around the world. They can say a lot of the current best artists worldwide have been trained by them. Since 2012 they manage the brand that have the name of the dance style they created, Bachata Sensual. Created to bring to the world their unique and sensual style.

Korke and Judith are full of strength both socially and on stage, and always get a lot of love from the audiences they teach and perform for, both for their professionalism and for their friendliness and personality.  They are known as the “Master of the Masters” as he is the teacher of many of the top bachata couples in this style.  They have also help launch the careers of some of the current top bachata dancers like Daniel & Desiree, Chavez & Silvia, Ronald & Alba and among others.

In this team you will learn the principles of lead and follow technique, connection, and complex technique choreography by Korke and Judith of Spain.  We will use the same methodology as the artist have done in their regular classes.  With musicality and styling for leads and follows students will learn to build confidence executing the art of dancing Bachata Sensual.


Placement in the Bachata Sensual Seattle Team by Korke & Judith program is based on the following criteria: technique, potential, commitment level, enthusiasm, attitude, attendance, and stage presence.  We place students together in groups that will work best together in rehearsals and performances.

Performance is optional but not required nor guaranteed.  You can still attend training sessions and receive the benefits of Bachata Sensual Seattle Performance Team Training.

In order to make sure we all have the physical abilities required to optimally perform the choreography, you will also be given instructions by Be Fit and Sensual workout program designed exclusively for Sensual Teams.

Each year there will be a global reunion with all of the teams of each artists by Sensual Teams.  Our team will have the opportunity to perform with Korke and Judith on stage as long as they have availability.

Come and Join us on September 13, 2019, 7:30PM


Suenos de Salsa Dance Studio

12524 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA, 98125