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Dance Bachata Sensual

Come learn the foundations of Bachata Sensual taught by Bachata Sensual Official Instructors, the style of Bachata popularized in Spain, that is taking on a fever in the USA and around the world.

Combining Bachata music with more contemporary music, and deep emotion, this dance form introduces fluidity, waves and a circular motions into Bachata.

Many people have seen videos on social media of Bachata Sensual dances, and said “I can’t do that” or “that’s too hard.” Dancing Bachata Sensual is intended to be a “social dance” not just an opportunity for good dancers to show off.

In this course you will learn not only social dancing patterns, but the principles of lead and follow technique, connection, and body waves, things that are often not explained.

Charles y Marie, are part of the Bachata Sensual Teams family and Official Instructors trained in Barcelona, Spain. They teach the technique and fundamentals by the original creators Korke y Judith of Spain.

With musicality and styling for leads and follows students will learn to build confidence executing moves on the dance floor.

No experience required for to join at the beginner/foundations level, some experience required for intermediate.


Let’s Share Our Passion Together.




Weekly classes every Tueseday at 7:30PM PST:

Bachata Sensual Foundations Drop-ins are welcome or pre-register for a 5 week series for a bundle class package!


Sueños de Salsa Dance Studio

12524 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 98125

Email: charlesymarie@romerodance.com

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